Bunny Garland

We all know how the story goes.  “I went to Target for three things and left with a cart full…” Most people can relate.  I, however, am someone who loves and desperately NEEDS a shopping list, no matter where I go.

As someone who used to love to zone out while shopping and lose myself in the whole process, (as in a 1-hour-feels-like-5-minutes, type of person) I now have to work at staying focused more than ever.  I actually try to stick to my list for the most part, unlike 95% of the human population.  Especially with an energetic toddler staring me in the face on the verge of, who knows what, as I push that big red cart around the store.

Of course the exception occurs if I veer slightly to the left in our local Target store.  This is where the $1/$3 section is.  You all know what I’m talking about.  Mostly seasonal.  Fun.  Festive.  Colorful.  Nine times out of ten I don’t NEED anything in this section, but when something interesting catches my eye, I push my cart over for a closer look and tap the brakes.

What was this?  Something called “Crafting Shapes.”  A pack of 6 felt bunny cut-outs, two of which were quite glittery, so of course they caught my eye.  I have a thing for glitter.  Turns out, a few other factors made this purchase so totally worth it.

1) Cost was just one dollar.
2) Two of the six bunny cut-outs are glittery.
3) Turns out, glitter isn’t rubbing off onto everything like it usually does.  Such a relief to avoid GP.  (Glitter-Palms.)
4) The felt is surprisingly sturdy, making it GREAT for craft projects! 

These bunnies were practically begging me for a cute fuzzy white tail, and since I always have cotton balls in my home, along with all of the other materials listed, (with the exception of the colorful pack of string, which was $1 from a local dollar store in my area) I literally spent $2 on this entire cute spring decoration.


Felt Bunnies ($1 at Target for pack of 6)
Cotton Balls
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun


  1. Begin by arranging felt bunnies in color order of your choice.
  2. Turn each bunny over and dab a bit of hot glue at the top of each head, working on one at a time.  While still wet, apply string to glue, and cover area with a second dab of glue.
  3. Continue to glue the strand of string to the “back” of each bunny, (although the front and back look similar) and simply using your hand, measure about the width of 4 fingers to space each bunny evenly as you work.
  4. Turn all of the felt bunnies back over again to the side you will be displaying.  Dab a bit of hot glue on the center of each cotton ball.  Attach to the desired location of each bunny cut-out.  Again, working on one at a time.
  5. Tie each end of string into a loop or leave as is, depending on where and how you plan on hanging your bunny garland.

Whether you celebrate Easter, or the arrival of Spring, this cheerful and colorful find in Target’s $1 section makes this Bunny Garland something you’ll be real “hoppy” about when it’s hanging in your home.  Who doesn’t love a cute bunny bottom?