Daddy’s Dry Rub

I never used a dry rub until meeting my husband.  Maybe that sounds a bit inappropriate.  Let me explain.  

My husband has used “dry rubs” when cooking bbq ribs in the oven, or on the grill, many times in the past.  I never prepared meat this way before meeting him, and now, thanks to him, I love using dry rubs too!

You can really have fun with rubs because they allow you to try new spices and flavors that you normally may not use very often, or may not use together.  I’ve just started to explore the world of dry rubs on both pork and beef ribs. This recipe is our new “go-to” when making any type of ribs.

This rub recipe will make enough for you to split it in half if you’re only cooking 1 slab, so use one for your meal today, and reserve the other half for another time.  The spices last a long time in a sealed bag in the freezer if you’d like, or just seal them and leave them in your pantry for the next time you’re craving ribs.  If you’re like me, it won’t sit very long.


1 Slab of Baby Back Ribs (Approx. 1 ½ to 3 lbs)

Daddy’s Dry Rub:

¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar
1 TBSP Chili Powder
1 TBSP Cumin
1 TBSP Garlic Powder
1 TBSP Onion Powder
1 TBSP Paprika
1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper *
1 tsp Kosher Salt

*Add more or less, depending on your heat preference.  This recipe is only slightly spicy, but mostly sweet.


  1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
  2. Line all sides of a baking sheet with aluminum foil very well. (Makes clean-up EASY!)
  3. Whisk all ingredients until combined. Work out any large clumps.
  4. Using your hands, rub half of the mixture on front and back of rack of ribs (reserving the other half for another day.) Note: I recommend carefully removing the thin membrane covering the ribs with a sharp knife, unless the butcher has already done so.  (Mine luckily does this before I purchase. Yours might too!)
  5. Place ribs on baking sheet, meatier side up, bone side down.
  6. Cover baking sheet with another piece of aluminum foil and seal edges really well.
  7. Let the ribs cook low and slow!  I’ve found that 3 hours into cooking time is when they really start to fall off the bone if you’re baking baby back ribs.  Increase the cook time for larger ribs, about 4 to 5 hours does the trick!
  8. When you are finished cooking these ribs in the oven, you can “finish them” on a hot grill to caramelize them if you’d like.  Otherwise, these ribs are incredible as is, or smothered in your favorite BBQ Sauce. Unless you’re a dipper/dunker, which I am.

This rib rub is the perfect gift for those carnivorous men in your life this Father’s Day.  After mixing it together in a bowl, pour onto parchment paper and you’ll easily be able to fill any jar with it.Your kids can easily help you measure each ingredient and place them in a cute jar.  I love using Wine Glass Writers to decorate the jar I’m using.  Let your kids go to town and design their own jar if this is a Father’s Day gift!

Have your kids add a bow and ribbon for extra festivity.

I named this rub “Daddy’s Dry Rub” because it was inspired by my husband’s love of the BBQ ribs we once ate at a restaurant. This is my attempt to duplicate the flavors he couldn’t resist.  

Encourage your child, or children, to rename it for their own dad though.  Let the creativity flow.

This rub also makes a fun and unique host/hostess gift for those beloved carnivores in your life.  Present it with the ingredients and/or directions attached if you’d like, and share the flavor of delicious slow-cooked ribs with someone you like a whole lot today.

Happy Father’s Day!