Egg-cellent Party Centerpiece

Around the time I was shopping for Easter decorations this year, I ended up spotting a bunch of cute sports-themed Easter eggs at my local grocery store, of all places.  They have a cute aisle of seasonal decor, which I often browse every month as the different holidays come and go.

I ended up snagging a few packages of soccer ball Easter eggs, which caught my eye, and for just $1 per pack, why not?  I put them aside for my son’s 2nd birthday party, which is going to be a soccer theme at the end of April.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with them at the time, but I knew I would think of something eventually.

My bigger challenge at that moment was convincing my toddler not to rip open the packages of eggs before we paid for everything in our cart.  (He is OBSESSED with soccer.  Wakes up talking about kicking the ball, and goes to sleep asking my husband to play what sounds to me like, “Broccoli Kicks,” but is really “Penalty Kicks,” a game they invented together.)

Soccer = Life for this little guy these days, so soccer ball Easter eggs?!  He almost lost his mind. He had never seen them before and naturally he was super excited to tear into them when he saw me put them in the cart.  Mommy made him wait 20 minutes until we got home.

Moving along, while putzing around Michaels Craft Store a few days later, I picked up a styrofoam cone and realized I could make a cute little centerpiece with those eggs, that cone, and only a few more items.


1 Foam Cone
Plastic Eggs (whatever suits your theme)
Green Easter Grass (or any other filler of your choosing)
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
Topper (I’m using a plastic #2 for my son’s birthday)


  1. Begin by warming your glue gun while you lay all of your supplies out in front of you and prepare your workspace.
  2. Open a bunch of Easter eggs (the kind I used were attached, so I kept most of them this way.)
  3. Starting at the bottom of the cone, apply a thin strip of hot glue to the inside tops/bottoms of your eggs, one set at a time.
  4. Apply mild pressure to cone as you stick each set of eggs around circumference, holding for about 10 seconds until dry.
  5. Continue to work your way around cone, gluing rows of eggs until you reach the top.
  6. If needed, separate eggs and glue these eggs in place to fill any bare spaces.
  7. Once all rows of eggs are complete, on a second layer, add extra eggs in various places to fill in empty spaces.  You may want to stagger where they are located to get a fuller look.
  8. Add Easter grass or other filler to cover any exposed foam by applying small amounts of glue directly to foam, rolling a small amount of grass in your palm and applying pressure to these areas until dry.  (You can always “fluff” the grass after if needed, or even add more grass.)
  9. Apply glue to topper decoration and attach to very top of cone.

This decoration only costs a few dollars to make.  If you’re someone like me who gets a lot of joy and satisfaction out of creating your own party decorations when possible, this centerpiece will definitely add that special touch to your next themed-party.

Once that Easter Bunny hops away, there are still so many ways you can use those festive Easter eggs, especially with all of the fun selections to choose from these days.  Animal heads, emojis, sports…the list goes on and on.  The “Plastic Easter Egg” has definitely changed over the years.

And next year, when Easter rolls around again, be on the lookout for Easter eggs that catch your eye.  Whether you find them at a dollar store, craft store, or grocery store, this quick and festive DIY art project allows you to easily turn something seasonal into a decoration you can use so many other times throughout the year.

Whether it’s a themed party, birthday, or another holiday, Easter eggs really CAN be used year-round if you just think “outside the egg.”