First Snowfall Pinecones

First Snowfall Pinecones

If you love glittery pinecones as much as I do, here’s an easy DIY project that’s perfect for the holiday season.  It’s kid-friendly too, so invite those little hands to help create something beautiful with you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Large Piece of Parchment or Wax Paper
Dry Pinecones (bought from Store or picked from Mother Nature)
White Paint (I actually used some extra ceiling paint laying around!)
White Glue
Glitter (clear-ish for this project)
1 Small Shallow Bowl
Sponge Brush or Paintbrush


  1. Prepare your workspace by laying a large piece of parchment paper/wax paper on your table.
  2. Add some white paint to a bowl and using a sponge brush or paintbrush, apply white paint to edges of your pinecone.  Your goal is to only paint the ends of the pinecone scales.  You’re going for the gentle look of a first snowfall, not the Blizzard of 2017.
  3. Set your pinecone down on parchment paper to completely dry.  This shouldn’t take longer than 30 min. or so.
  4. Pour some glitter on the parchment lengthwise (about the length of your longest pinecone.)
  5. Apply white glue to random pinecone scales throughout your pinecone, making sure to turn it as you work, applying to all sides.  
  6. Dip your pinecone into glitter and rotate as you go, ensuring the glitter is applied all around it.
  7. Lay your pinecone in a clean area of the parchment to dry.  Allow at least 1 hour to completely dry.  *Feel free to add a second round of glue and glitter if you’d like extra sparkly pinecones!

Once your pinecones have dried, they are ready for use!

Some ideas:

As a centerpiece, piled in a beautiful bowl, tray or vase.

Scattered along a fireplace mantel.

Insert a small piece of card stock into a few of the scales in order to label food selections or place settings for holiday guests.

Add some floral wire to the top of each pinecone and now they are ready for hanging.  You can hang them from a wreath, garland, Christmas Tree, etc.  

I love using them in my staircase garland decor.  It brings a bit of mother nature indoors and they sparkle so beautifully when Christmas lights are shining on them.

Enjoy this first snowfall without having to lift a finger to shovel.  Use those fingers for crafting these pretty “First Snowfall” Pinecones instead.

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