Floating Mums

Floating Mums

This time of year, here in New York, mums are popping up everywhere!  In my garden, on the neighbor’s front porch, in bouquets at my local farm market…To me, they are the colors of autumn.  Orange, yellow, purple, burgundy…

My sister brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday, (which just happens to be in my favorite month, October! #pumpkineverything)

After two weeks, most of the flowers had withered, but to be expected.  I was actually surprised they lasted that long.  What REALLY impressed me were the mums in the bouquet.  Those hardy mums were still going strong in my vase.  As I started to change the water in the vase, dump the old flowers and preserve the mums, I had an idea.

I went outside to the recent pots of mums I had snagged toward the end of the season to plant, but I ended up losing some flowers in the transport.  A few of the stems had broken off some of the plants, and were still laying on my driveway.  So I went outside and cut the tops of their broken stems off.  I wanted to bring them inside to display their pretty colors of purple, yellow, and orange, just like those in my vase still going strong.

The obvious problem, they had no stems.

I filled a clear glass bowl with water, and simply floated them on top.  They looked so pretty and delicate.  They reminded me of lily pads resting on a pond.  I loved the look, but it was missing something.  I ran to my basement in our craft section and brought up a few small water-resistant lights we had leftover from our wedding centerpieces.


I experimented with a clear light and a blue light.  The clear offered an elegant vibe.  I loved it!  Next, I sunk the blue one to the bottom of the bowl.  Ohhhhhhh.  Loved this one even more!  It ended up giving off more of a purple hue, which was an unexpected, but amazing, surprise.  Perfect for Halloween!

The light reflecting off the water onto the table below and all around added such a festive warmth.  Like the flowers were having their own little dance party.

Next time you’re looking for a unique way to display your flowers, especially mums, consider floating them in different shaped jars, vases, or bowls.  I can imagine all different sizes and shapes in my mind…tall, short, round, square, filled with these beautiful floating mums.

Scatter them in unexpected places throughout your house.  How beautiful would they look lining your walkway outside, greeting guests as they arrive?

Try this easy fall decoration idea today, or for your next gathering.  Mums the word.

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