Marble Painting


Looking for a painting project for young children, but don’t feel like dealing with the mess?  Try painting with marbles!  No brush or smock needed!  This project only requires a few materials, which is also a plus!  The end result reminds me of colorful fireworks or festive confetti.


Crayola washable watercolors paint palette
Marbles (1 for each color you’d like to paint with)
Paper or thin canvas
Sturdy box top large enough to fit paper or canvas inside.  (I used a WB Mason box top.)

*Optional- Stickers and other embellishments can be added to artwork after paint dries.


  1. Begin by placing a few drops of water in each section of watercolor paint you’d like to use.
  2. Place paper or canvas inside of box top.
  3. Gently drop one marble inside each color of paint.
  4. When ready to paint, gently remove marbles from paint and place each in a different section of paper.
  5. Shake top of box in different directions so marbles swirl and “paint” your unique masterpiece.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you’d like to add more paint to your work.  (You may have to add more water to paint colors first.)

When you’ve finished marble painting, remove marbles and rinse them in warm water to remove all paint residue for future painting projects.  Now would be the time to add stickers or other materials on top of the design you’ve created once your painting has dried. (Watercolor dries quickly, so you won’t have to wait long.)

I used gold metallic stickers to spell the word “Celebrate” on a canvas that my 23 month old son painted for my sister using marbles. We gave this to her on her birthday and she loved it!

What I really like about this project is that each creation will be completely unique.  Three factors that will change the way your artwork looks are: the colors you decide to use, the placement of the marbles, and the way you shake the box top.  Have fun experimenting.

Our son had a lot of fun making a few of these.  Whether you use a thin canvas or plain ol’ paper, you can do so much with this artwork when it’s dry.  The canvas can be displayed as original artwork around your home or given as part of a gift like I did. The paper artwork can be folded and turned into greeting cards, or used as a background for photos in picture frames or scrapbooks. You can even cut the paper into different letters/shapes, tie them together with string, and make a banner out of them.  So many possibilities.

Are you ready to shake things up yet?  I know you’ll have fun creating these cheerful and creative pieces of abstract art using watercolors and marbles.


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