Marshmallow Snowman

I love coffee.  I also love Coffee Mate.  Match made in heaven.  I buy one small container every week.  French Vanilla is my jam.

Although the 5 grams of sugar per serving isn’t so healthy, it’s my morning treat.  I make myself feel better about this because I buy the “Natural Bliss” variety, which has just 4 ingredients, all of which, I can pronounce.  Nonfat milk, heavy cream, cane sugar, natural flavor.  Boom.

Whenever I go to throw it in our recycling container I think to myself , “Awww.  Such a cute container.”  Then, logically, I start to wonder what I can use it for.  What is wrong with me????

I once filled one with homemade granola.  Another time, I used it as a “to-go” container for Goldfish crackers.

Today I turned the empty coffee creamer container into a snowman to hold our mini-marshmallows.  Looks like he’s made of a hundred tiny little snowballs.  SO easy and cute!  We named him Mr. Marshmallow.  So original.  I know.

Here’s how you and the kids can make one (or an entire family) of snow people, too!


Natural Bliss Coffee Mate Creamer Container
Mini Marshmallows
Permanent Markers
Heart Foam Stickers (Optional)


  1. Begin by cleaning out a Coffee Mate container.  Remove label using a scissor, and dry thoroughly.
  2. Using markers, decorate the white lid to make a face.  Draw buttons or other decorations on the bottle as well.  I didn’t like how my buttons turned out, so I ended up covering them with small pink foam stickers shaped like hearts, and added dots on them using markers, so they looked like buttons.
  3. Cut a thin strip of felt and carefully snip ends to make fringe at each end.  Tie around neck of container.
  4. Add mini marshmallows until completely filled to top of bottle.

That’s it!  Super easy way to store your marshmallows.  Plus, it looks pretty cute on your table and counter.

One thing I noticed.  You will probably have to screw off lid, rather than flip the top, when you’re dispensing the marshmallows.  Due to size of the creamer spout, the marshmallows don’t easily fit the way you’d pour the coffee creamer out.  But that’s okay!  It’s still adorable and helps prevent your marshmallows from sticking together or getting smushed in the plastic bag, which STILL isn’t resealable after all of these years.  Go figure.

If you consume coffee creamer as fast as me, you could save a bunch and make an entire snowman family!  (The things that excite me these days.)  😐  The larger creamer could even be the snow parents and the smaller, the snow children.  How cute would these be sitting at a hot cocoa station at a holiday party or baby shower?!

Pretty. Darn. Sweet.  Literally.

Happy Crafting!