Miracle Paste – DIY Stain Remover For Baby Clothing

Miracle Paste – DIY Stain Remover For Baby Clothing

The days of spit up are over for us as parents, but as our son gets older, and enters the toddler stage of his life, he is getting into more…”stuff.”  This “stuff” ends up all over him.  Face, hands, hair, and especially on his clothing.  

I don’t usually have a chance to stop everything and presoak stains, unless they involve a lot of poop, so dirty clothing usually sits in his hamper for a few days.  Although I am a huge fan of Dreft Detergent, sometimes I need something to combat soaked-in stains, before washing them as I normally would.

When Joseph was a baby and his spit-up stained his clothing that familiar shade of yellow, even after washing them, I once read a DIY “recipe” for stain removal somewhere online that I tried myself.  I’ve gotta say I was very happy with the results and surprised it worked!

I’ve since tweaked this original recipe for two reasons.  1.  I’ve learned I actually strongly dislike the scent of Dawn dish soap for some strange reason, which is what the instructions called for as one of the main ingredients in the stain remover.  2.  I thought it made more sense to use baby detergent in place of dish soap, if I was cleaning Joseph’s clothing.  Also, I changed the ratios to suit my needs, increasing the amounts of the other two ingredients because I felt it gave me terrific results and more stain remover to work with.

Here’s what you’ll need to remove a variety of stains like spit-up, food, poop, dirt, basically any “baby-made” stain on your little one’s clothing.  


1 Tablespoon Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent
2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
3 Tablespoons Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Old Bowl
1 Old Toothbrush

  1. Mix all ingredients in an old bowl.  The consistency is interesting.  Sort of pasty, but as it sits, it gets a bit watery and sticky.
  2. Using an old toothbrush, scrub enough of the stain remover on top of each stain to cover the stain completely.  (I scrubbed each stain for about 30 seconds to ensure I worked it into the fabric.)
  3. Let clothing sit at least 1 hour before washing as usual, in the washing machine, with your regular baby detergent of choice.  (Check on the stain and soak for a few more hours if needed.)
  4. Be amazed that the stains are either completely gone or are faded until you can barely even locate them now.

Like I said, sometimes you need something stronger than your usual detergent routine.  I’m no scientist.  Play around with the ratios if you’re not as satisfied as I am, but I think you will be.

Could I buy a stain remover from the store?  Of course!  But when this recipe calls for 3 ingredients I already ALWAYS have at home under my bathroom sink, I’m going for it!

This is a wonderful DIY stain remover.  I’m naming it “Miracle Paste!”  It’s completely faded a variety of stains on my toddler’s clothing, from spit up and poopie, to red pepper juice and black garden mulch.  It’s been working for me!  I hope you find positive results as well!  Happy scrubbing!

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