Festive Sock Wine Holder

Festive Sock Wine Holder

Did you know that December 4th is “National Sock Day?”  I know.  What will they think of next?

I only recently discovered this day.  To celebrate, I thought I would go digging through my “Misc. Christmas” bin in our basement, because I remembered what I packed away last year.

At the bottom, lay a pair of chunky, funky, and super festive CHRISTMAS SOCKS!  The heavy kind you can’t really wear with shoes.  More like a thick slipper sock to wear around the house.  Normally I would love to wear something this festive and silly, but the bells on them used to annoy me as I walked here and there.

Enter “National Sock Day.”  What better way to up-cycle this pair of Christmas cheer, than to use it as a fun and unique wine bag!

After doing some experimenting, I realized the “heel” portion of the sock could be tucked and folded a bit to create a small pocket.  Perfect for inserting a gift card to the deserving recipient!  Wine.  Gift card.  They make a great pair!

Sometimes you want to give a little more than just a bottle of wine, so why not present it in a fun holiday sock with a gift card hidden in a cute little side pocket?  You can even add the second sock to the gift as well.  If you scrunch it up a bit, you can make your wine a cute little winter hat!

If the wine doesn’t warm them up, the socks sure will!


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