Odor Eater Creatures

Here’s a super easy, cute, and USEFUL craft project for your kids this Father’s Day.  If your hubby is prone to stinky shoes or sneakers, then this is a funny, yet practical gift idea to show him you care!

Best part is, you probably have most of the materials needed for this project sitting around your house already.  Grab your kiddos and gather these materials to get started making a whole family of Odor Eater Creatures, just in time for Father’s Day.


(To make one pair of creatures)

Bounce Un-Stopables OR Bounce Dryer Sheets
2 Paper Coffee Filters
2 Sets of Google Eyes
2 Hair Ties (Rubber Bands or Bread Ties work too)
2 Pipe Cleaners
Permanent Marker
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun
*Plus any other materials you wish to add, like curled ribbon or Easter grass for hair.


  1. Begin by selecting either a scoop of Bounce Un-Stopables or a few Bounce dryer sheets, and place inside each paper coffee filter.  (I’m using one of each to illustrate this project, but feel free to pick one and stick to using it.)
  2. Gather into a sachet and tie together using a hair tie or rubber band.
  3. Using a low temp. hot glue gun, attach a pair of googley eyes.
  4. Add a face using a permanent marker.
  5. Bend pipe cleaners and attach to creature to make ears or hair by simply inserting them from behind into hair tie. You can decorate with other items too like curled ribbon, for example, if you’d like to give your creature some funky hair.From behind, they are actually hidden hearts for dad too.  Awwww.
  6. You don’t even have to wrap them.  Insert into dad’s stinky shoes to surprise him with the gift of clean-smelling feet Father’s Day morning.

These little Odor Eater Creatures are a cute and funny way to show dad/grandpa/or hubby that you care (and have a sense of humor to0) this Father’s Day.  Plus, gifts that your kids can make themselves with minimal help from you are always awesome.  Am I right?  (Just watch them around that glue gun.  Ouch!)

Your kiddos will feel proud, and you will not have to smell your husband’s stinky shoes for the next few weeks.

It’s a win-win!

Happy Father’s Day!