Painting with Beet Juice

I’ve only cooked beets a handful of times, but every time I make them, I’m in awe of their gorgeous deep pink hue.  They are a bit messy, but they are delicious, and well worth the effort.

After some quick research I learned that beets are so good for you.  Low in calories, they provide lots of nutrients too, like fiber, folate, and Vitamin C, to name a few.  The benefits go on and on.

Another plus?  They double as an art supply!  You can paint with beet juice + water.  This easy-to-make duo acts very similar to watercolor.  Follow these easy steps and make some of this gorgeous stuff for your next painting project!

  1. Place beets in boiling water and cover.  Cook for about 45 min. or until fork-tender.
  2. Remove beets from water and cool in cold water just enough to rub off the outer peel without burning yourself.
  3. While still slightly warm, remove the ends of beets, slice a few pieces off, and set aside for your art project.
  4. Place the pieces in a small container.  (I like using a glass jar.)
  5. Add water to glass jar and allow to sit until desired color is achieved.
  6. Eat the remaining beets because they are DELISH!                                                                                                                   Of course, the more water you add, the less concentrated the pigment will be.  The beets don’t need to sit for very long. Just a few minutes should do the trick.

You can also experiment with different shades of pink by watering down the original “beet paint” you created and storing it in a few different jars.  Beet juice works well if you’re looking for a natural method of coloring eggs in the spring too!

This is a fun and safe art project for your kids to try out.  We got creative and looked in our pantry and refrigerator for more edible paint supplies to use.  We found lemon and potato (which I sliced in half) and we also used a celery stalk.

Exploring the different shapes they made while we used them in place of our paintbrush was very fun!  Obviously the lemons created circles, potatoes produced ovals, and the end of the celery stalk created small curved lines.

It’s so interesting and fun to use different and unexpected materials with your kids during art projects.  It’s fun to watch the color absorb into the food as well.  I’m sure your kiddos will love to select other fruits and veggies from your home to try.  It becomes an edible stamp.  Harder fruits and veggies that are easy to slice in half and grip are ideal.  Try apple, pear, corn-on-the-cob, pepper, and cucumber.

And if you REALLY want to be creative and thrifty, once their done painting, you can make one heck of a creative dinner with your leftover painting supplies!

It sure BEETS a trip to the store when you’ve got what you need right in your kitchen. 😉