Photo Cap Magnets

Sometimes I catch myself saving the most random things.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a first-time mom, the mom of a toddler, a previous teacher, a current stay-at-home-mama, or a combination of some, or all of this.

Lately, it’s plastic caps.

All colors and sizes.  I recycle the container or bottle, set the cap aside, wash and dry, toss it in a bag, whisper to myself, “but don’t worry, you’re not a hoarder…” and wonder what to do with them.

I suppose the inspiration came to me when I first saw a large wooden dragon covered with colorful caps outside of our local library a few months ago.  It was painted, but then covered with a ton of colorful caps, and I thought to myself that it was a pretty eye-catching and unique way to decorate a piece of artwork.

I didn’t have a plan for the caps, so I just kept the collection growing.

A few weeks went by, and I started to think about Mother’s Day.  I wanted to make something fun for my sister, since she’s my son’s Godmother.  A gift “from him,” although he can’t really help with art projects very well yet.

Around this same time, I was working on organizing photos in a massive photo album of my son’s “second year.”  I realized I took and ordered a ridiculous amount of photos of him.  We’re talking over 1,000.  Can you relate?

I know.  It’s a tad bit excessive, even for a first child.  I set some of the extras aside and laughed at his different expressions.  Then I also laughed at the fact that I took about 18 photos of him eating an ear of corn for the first time.  “Am I becoming that crazy mom obsessed with her child?”  I thought to myself, laughing.  “Maybe.”

That’s when an idea hit me.

I’m calling this art project “Photo Cap Magnets.”  Here’s what you’ll need…


Plastic Caps (cleaned and dried, in different colors and sizes)
Photos (of your child/children)
Low Temp. Hot Glue Gun


  1. Begin by matching up your photos with your plastic caps, meaning, most of your child’s face should fit inside the cap you’re choosing.
  2. Lay the cap on each photo (directly over your child’s face) and using a pen, gently trace the cap in a complete circle until you’ve traced around your child’s entire face in a circular shape.
  3. Using a scissor, carefully cut out each photo by using the pen marks as your guide.
  4. Place each photo inside each cap.  (You can use a bit of hot glue to hold your photo in place if you’re pushing the photo inside the cap all the way,  Or, you can place the photo halfway inside cap, giving a more 3-dimensional appearance.)
  5. Using your low temp. hot glue gun, apply some glue directly to your magnet and firmly stick in place on back of cap.  Hold in place a few seconds until attached completely and glue is dry.  *Here’s a tip.  I save the magnets from the back of those “grocery list” notepads, and use it for projects like this one!
  6. Place your collection of magnet caps on the refrigerator, in a locker, or wherever they will stick and make you smile!

This project is awesome if you’re one of those people who likes to “up-cycle.”  Using materials you’d otherwise toss in the garbage or recycling bin makes this project super inexpensive.

Turns out, it’s actually kind of fun to collect something random like plastic caps with your child or children.  They will have fun sorting them and I guarantee they will find another way to play, build, or create with them too.

I hope you enjoy making these for yourself or someone you love.  Thanks for “hanging” around and reading this!