Snowman-Inspired Soap Dispenser

Snowman-Inspired Soap Dispenser

Here’s a cute and easy DIY craft that’s perfect for winter!  This snowman-inspired project is a fun way to “up-cycle” a soap dispenser, ideally one made of glass.  You’ll only need a few simple items to create it.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Glass Soap Dispenser
Light Blue Hand Soap
Hot Glue Gun


  1. Soak the label off a glass soap dispenser in hot water.  Remove any residual glue by using rubbing alcohol.  Fill with light blue hand soap.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, attach a few buttons down the center of the container.
  3. Cut a strip of felt about 1 inch in diameter.
  4. Begin to attach the strip of felt on the neck of the dispenser using one drop of hot glue to secure, then tie the remaining felt around the neck of the bottle, like a scarf.


I really enjoy up-cycling different items around our house.  When I initially bought a glass soap dispenser for our guest bathroom I thought it was too nice to throw away after the soap was gone.  I soaked off the label and refilled it with a liquid soap refill.

When I learned that November 16th is “National Button Day,” I couldn’t resist creating this cute snowman-inspired soap dispenser using a few extra buttons I had laying around the house and a few items in my craft stash.

Encourage hand-washing in your home with this festive snowman-inspired soap dispenser just in time for cold and flu season.

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