“Welcome Back” Apple Jar

It’s back to school time!  I can’t believe it’s my third year home with my son after working in the field of teaching for 11 years.  It really is so crazy how fast time starts to fly, especially after you have a child.  So many people told me this would happen.  They were right.

I’m blessed to have been given the choice to step away from the only career I’ve ever known, and be home full-time with Joseph for a while. This has been the best decision for our family. It was a very personal choice, although I love working with children, always loved my job, my colleagues, and everything about the school environment.  I know a lot of people don’t love their jobs the same way teachers do.

Teaching is a calling, but so is parenthood.

To celebrate the start of a new school year, I wanted to make something super easy with just a few materials, in honor of those special people we call TEACHERS!

We all know that teachers can never have enough writing supplies, so this cute little project makes the perfect little home for all of a teacher’s pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalk, etc.

This project features one of my favorite ways to craft.  Saving glass jars, soaking off their labels, and cleaning them out for future crafting projects…like this one!  This painting project is extra awesome because you don’t even have to get your paintbrushes dirty!  Just roll the paint around inside of your jars…It’s kind of a bit mesmerizing and therapeutic actually.


Glass Jar
Red Paint (I used Melissa & Doug’s Washable Poster Paint)
Red/Green/Brown Pipe Cleaners
Wine Glass Markers* (Optional if you’d like to personalize…I love using Wine Glass Writers)
Red Sequins or Glitter* (Optional)


  1. Begin by soaking labels off glass jars using hot soapy water.  (My jars came from tomato sauce, salsa, and eggplant caponata, in case you were wondering.) Use a scouring pad to remove any access glue from labels.  (Lots of ways out there to remove this glue, so feel free to research other ways if you’re interested.)
  2. Thoroughly clean out the inside of your jars with soap and water, and allow to dry completely.
  3. Squeeze a good amount of red poster paint into bottom of jar, and roll around your jar in order to thoroughly coat the inside glass with a layer of red paint.  I like the consistency of poster paint best because it flows a bit easier than acrylic.  When dry, it also gives a “frosted” appearance, which is pretty cool.
  4. Allow jars to dry upside down for a few minutes, in order to remove any excess paint from the bottom of the jar. (Full disclosure.  I did not do this, and 48 hours later, I’m still waiting for the paint on the bottom of the jar to dry.)
  5. Before the bottom of the jar is completely dry, sprinkle red glitter or red sequins (optional) for a touch of sparkle.
  6. Using Wine Glass Writers, have fun decorating the outside of the jar.  These easily wipe clean so you can write, and rewrite messages, quotes, or decorations as often as your little heart desires.
  7. Wrap a green pipe cleaner completely around the rim of each jar and twist both ends together where they meet.  Twist a second green pipe cleaner to it in order to form 2 green leaves by bending into leaf shapes.  Snip off the green pipe cleaner you just wrapped around the jar when you realize that a RED pipe cleaner would look way better.  *Smacks head.*  😛  Twist the leaves onto the red one instead.  Add a smaller piece of brown pipe cleaner and form into an apple stem to finish off the look.  If this sounds confusing, just look at the pictures.  It’s easy.
  8. Allow jars to completely dry before using them to store writing utensils inside them.

Whether you’re making these “apple” jars to decorate your home for the back-to-school season, making them as a gift for your child’s teacher, or making them to help organize some of your own stuff, I know you’ll love how cute and easy this project is.

“Apple” jars are a cute way to thank your child’s teacher ahead of time for taking great care of your kid.  If you’re handing over a tough cookie this school year, it’s also a nice way to say “I’m sorry” ahead of time!  😛  Second best gift would be a bottle of their favorite wine.  🙂

Here’s to those apples of our eyes…Our teachers!

Happy Crafting!  🙂